Following Dubai Customs strategic plan in 2021, which aims to build competencies and enhance the skills and experience of its human resources, the Customs Training Center at Dubai Customs organized 160 training workshops in Q1, 2021. The training workshops included 139 customs specialized workshops, 19 on administrative skills and two awareness workshops, with a total of 4,000 training hours that targeted 1,079 employees.

The training plan for this year was based on a number of criteria to cover the matrix of technical and behavioral competencies and to cope up with the government’s current and future trends, and the variables in the work environment. 

The training courses were diverse and included topics such as the customs risk evaluation, shipment risk indicators, risk indicators at the airports, sea shipment risk indicators, drug smuggling methods, security sense, body language, behavioral indicators, Coordinated Border Management (CBM), cyber security, among others.

“This year’s training plan focuses on developing knowledge and practical competencies for employees of all categories and specialties, with special focus on developing managers for future leadership rules to keep up with the international shifting trends,” said Mohammed Al Ghaffari, Acting Executive Director, Human Resources, Finance and Administration Division. “Our aim is to reach for a more efficient legitimate trade and more secure future within our vision of becoming the leading customs administration in the world supporting legitimate trade.”

Al Ghaffari went on to add; “Dubai Customs is committed to its annual training program, and will keep adding new courses each year to cope up with the government’s future trends.”

Along the same line, Asma Ahmed, Senior Manager, Training Program Management said the training center focused, in the training plan, on diversity of topics to cover different self-development and administrative sides.

Source: Dubai Customs

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