Within its commitment to achieve highest client happiness, Dubai Customs’ Client Happiness Department organized a number of virtual meetings with the clients and partners to engage them with the evaluation and reviewing of the new release of the Client Happiness Charter. The aim is to ensure updated and continued improvement of services delivered to clients in compliance with the ISO standard 100001:2007 and the application of the best practices in the field.

During the meeting, the clients’ and partners suggestions were noted and recorded to be added to the new charter.

“We are committed to make our clients happier by providing the best quality services and procedures to help our clients complete their transactions anytime and anywhere, using Dubai Customs smart applications,” said Edris Behzad, Director of Client Happiness Department. “Happiness in Dubai Customs is not just a theory; it is a strategy and a genuine value. We work hard to warrant that for all our clients and partners following the leadership’s vision.”   

Behzad confirmed that Dubai Customs launched the (Are You Happy?) campaign in 2015 to measure clients’ happiness. Another initiative is the Government Department’s Consultative Council, which is the first of its kind in the world and it serves as a connection point between Dubai Customs and representatives of business groups in the emirate. It is chaired by H.E. Director General, and the 14 heads of business groups in Dubai from different sectors make the members.

“The updated Client Happiness Charter aims to introduce the services in detail to clients and we will keep updating it to meet the aspirations and needs of our clients, with special focus on clients of special requirements including people of determination, the elderly, and the clients who can’t speak Arabic or English.” Behzad added.

Source: Dubai Customs