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Hydration is vital for good health, concentration and mental and physical wellbeing, but keeping hydrated can be a struggle, especially during Ramadan. has created five easy tips to stay thirst-free as economically friendly as possible, especially limiting the use of single use plastics.

- Drink at least three litres of filtered water
It is imperative to drink as much water as possible to prepare for fasting the next day, but the purchasing of bottles from the supermarket can not only prove expensive, but can be damaging for the environment due to the excessive use and waster of single use plastics. Waterclub installs water filters that provide unlimited filtered and purified water instantly. They are discretely fixed onto the kitchen tap source and produce delicious tasting cold or boiling water.

- Be mindful of food
Ensure that every meal is carefully planned, this will avoid the consumption of foods that will dehydrate, such as too much salt or sweetness. Through the planning of meals, it will also help eliminate food waste.

- Take cold showers
It has been proven that cold showers can help rehydrate during Ramadan. By lowering the temperature of the body, it will help reduce feelings of fatigue, dizziness and weakness, which can be caused through dehydration. Cold showers are ideal too for keeping DEWA bills lower as require less energy.

- Eat juicy foods
Add water-rich foods to Iftar, such as watermelon, cucumber, tomato, oranges and kiwi, which add hydration to the body as well as being rich in essential minerals and vitamins for a healthy body.

- Partake in light exercise
Don’t skip working out during Ramadan, it can remove toxins in the body helping prevent dehydration and releasing endorphins, which boost energy and moods. Be sure to wait an hour or two after Iftar before exercising and keep a reusable bottle of water to one side at all times.

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Source: shankspr