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Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital announced that it has approved cautery technology for patients with severe acceleration of the heart, using the Carto-3 Prime Mapping technology for 3D scanning, which is characterized by high accuracy.

The Carto-3 Prime Mapping technology is considered one of the latest technologies available in this field, and one of the best devices in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East and North Africa region.

The medical team in the heart unit at the hospital, under the supervision of Dr. Khaled Awad, a consultant catheter and electrocardiogram at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital has succeeded in treating a 32-year-old patient, who was suffering from severe rapid heartbeat, and was undergoing treatment with medications. The cauterization was successful at the hospital's heart center.

Dr. Khaled Awad, who supervised this successful operation, said: “There is no doubt that the cautery technique using a 3D scanning device will be an alternative to treat the most severe cases of tachycardia in the UAE."

"Through this advanced technology, it was possible to locate the acceleration and successfully perform the cautery process in the area responsible for the acceleration. In this patient, this was less than 4 mm from the primary nerve in the heart as we addressed this without the use of X-rays."

Dr. Awad continued, "This modern technology contributed to the procedure being easily, quickly and accurately, and with a higher success rate. The new 3D scanning device is characterized by its high accuracy, and its ability to locate additional beats during rapid heartbeat, and its use is the best way for patients with arrhythmias. The complex heart needs 3D mapping, to locate the focus of the acceleration. Based on this scan, cauterization is performed through the catheter."

Clemenceau Medical Center builds on technological advancements, innovative treatments, and superior medical expertise across a wide range of specialties to deliver patient-first healthcare excellence.

Source: atccoms

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