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Bioscience Institute offers the most advanced personalized stem cells treatment from expanded adipose tissues derived therapies for any treatment you need

About Bioscience Institute

What makes Bioscience Institute unique?

As the world’s leading center of stem cell and Regenerative Medicine, Bioscience offers unparalleled service and treatments, unique only to it. The Institute offers the most advanced personalized expanded adipose derived stem cell therapies across Europe - including Rome, Milano, and San Marino, and the Middle East, including Dubai.

The team at Bioscience Institute does not believe in using invasive surgeries when they can be partially replaced by cell biology. Therefore, they have designed an alternative method of extracting stem cells from adipose tissue. As a distinctive and versatile offering, adipose fat tissue provides an effective solution to all of Bioscience Institute’s services, ranging from degenerative processes, regeneration to hair loss treatments, skin aging, and body reshaping treatments.

Bioscience Institute carries out all medical procedures in its dedicated laboratories and clinics, whether cell extraction, biopsies, or grafts, and prioritizes exceptional customer care for all our clients. This is achieved through bespoke customer journeys, patient confidentiality, and dedication to providing you with the best treatments.


What does Bioscience Institute offer?

Stem cells of Adipose tissue

From bones to muscles and blood vessels, stem cells are multipotent and possess the ability to generate various cell types. Commonly known as body fat, adipose tissue is found all over the body; under the skin, around internal organs, and between muscles, and is the primary source of mesenchymal stem cells. The high concentration of stem cells found in adipose tissues makes it possible for extensive fat removal to be avoided. This is because only 20 cc of fat is enough to obtain the required quantity of cells for treatment after expansion. This utilization of adipose tissue stem cells allows a capacity for self-renewal and multipotential differentiation, providing us with the ability to store your cells and use it for several different treatments, involving the bones, tendons, nervous system and more.

Regenerative medicine

The Bioscience Institute provides cutting-edge regenerative medicine solutions based on autologous stem cells. ‘Autologous’ means that the stem cells come from the same patient who will receive the treatment. The effectiveness of stem cells has made it possible to restore the functioning of organs and tissues that have been damaged by trauma, disease, or aging. The regenerative medicine services offered by Bioscience Institute cover a broad spectrum of treatments, including regenerative orthopedics, early menopause care, erectile dysfunction treatment, and anti-aging IV therapy.

Support medicine

Stem cells support medicine aimed at treating multiple conditions, including diabetes, lung diseases, and other diseases. It reduces the complications and inflammation caused by the disease. Using stem cells can help improve the pancreas function in patients with diabetes, reduce the complications faced by individuals with lung-related issues, and also help to reduce the onset of inflammation in patients with arthritis. The use of stem cells in medicine is an exciting area of research with the potential to transform the treatment of many chronic diseases. The results are promising, and stem cell therapy offers new hope for patients with chronic diseases with few other treatment options.

Banking and restoration 

Bioscience Institute offers a stem cell restoration service that can save you time and money in the long run. Using this service, you can restore your extracted stem cells for up to 2 years to ensure that you have a supply of healthy stem cells for future treatments. Most importantly, restoring stem cells means you will not need to go through the fat extraction phase again.

Cord Blood Stem Cells

Cord blood, from the umbilical cord, contains stem cells in their most potent form. Unspecialized and thriving means that extracting these cells can help treat blood-lymphatic disorders through more natural methods. Using cord blood stem cells allows us to use the youngest and healthiest cells that can be used in the treatment of degenerative processes of human tissues and organs.

Bioscience Awards and Achievements

Bioscience Institute’s awards and achievements are a testament to the exceptional service offered to clients worldwide. The Institute’s ability to provide world-class treatments and the most advanced stem cell therapies has been noticed globally, resulting in over six certificates verifying its services.


Bioscience Institute prides itself on being reachable via all methods by current and future patients across the globe. With laboratories in Dubai, Italy, Switzerland and San Marino, the Institute is easily accessible across Europe and the Middle East. All the laboratories are fully equipped with the latest technology that houses the world's most advanced stem cell treatments and regenerative medicines.

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