The UAE’s one-stop-shop salon has been perfecting their service menu for years and since adding Eyelash Extensions to their roster of offerings, the beauty lounge has been providing full set of long-lasting extensions for ladies looking for a low-maintenance beauty routine.

Sugar Beauty Lounge’s secrets lie in their meticulous technique and of course the premium products used. Their well-trained staff carefully apply each lash to fit the requirements of each client from 3D effect for dimension to Russian technique for maximum volume. The team can customize the length, look and volume depending on your needs using Blink Lash, a premium name in the salon industry. It takes about 1 ½ - 2 hours to finish the procedure, and voilà! Your lash dreams are now a reality!

For aftercare and maintenance, it is recommended to let the lashes dry and cure for 24 hours after application. Avoid rubbing the eyes and use a spooled brush to keep the hairs straight and separated. In order to keep the full look, it is also prescribed to book your maintenance appointments every 2-3 weeks.

Sugar Beauty Lounge is providing its loyal customers and women all over the UAE a solution for all their beauty needs, with their Lash Extension services another amazing offering to enhance women’s natural allure with luxurious lashes 24/7.


Source: Copia