Ladies, it is time to ditch those unapologetic shoes and trade them with elegance, luxury, and often forgotten, comfort. CZAR woman is here.

The UAE based footwear label, by banker turned designer Sundeep Sen, started his career creating footwear primarily targeted to men. Upon demand, Sundeep is releasing the women’s line while keeping CZAR’s main attribute as the men’s, which is to incorporate price, quality, style and comfort all in one. After all, luxury should be comfortable.

CZAR believes that nothing can elevate your style like the right footwear. Therefore, the same attentiveness is given to create the women’s line for example, they are even customisable to fit the perfect size and dimensions of your feet.

“The approach to designing the women’s line does require more attention as it is a tougher and longer process to produce. It is not just about how the shoes will look. The production process for the women's blocks is tougher as compared to men’s. The entire shoe is hand made, hand cut blocks and hand embroidered on fabric, in raw silk and/or velvet. The women's pair of heels take over 8 days to make,” explains Sundeep.

The women’s line is niche. The embroidery is heavy and customizable in different colors. He makes sure that the embroidered shoes have a certain theme, to keep it unique but still wearable to compliment any type of outfit. The strong embellishments on the women’s line are CZAR’s trademark, just as strong as the woman who is wearing them.

Made in limited quantities per style to maintain uniqueness, CZAR’s ready-to-wear collection features a variety of casual options all the way through to the perfect pair of dress shoes for fancy black-tie soirees. The collection is a bold and rich colorful and bold palette of black, white, red, cork and high gloss, featuring luxurious uppers in velvet and heavy embroidery. Moreover, these shoes can be customisable from color, to size, shape and even heel options, to your preference.

Special techniques are used in the shoe making process at CZAR. Most of the designs such as the Czarina Imperial and Ricamo line are hand embroidered which means every intricate detail is created to perfection. And while these block heels stand 4 inches tall, your feet will still be at its comfiest state. They are made from premium Italian velvet, extremely lightweight, have gel insoles and have sponged filling on the inside.

Pulsatio which translates to “heartbeat” in Latin, is the newest addition to CZAR. The two designs from this line are the first stilettos produced from the brand, targeted to women who are not afraid to stand out. With its high gloss and distinctive glitter finish, this line will definitely make your heart flutter the moment you lay your eyes on them.

Of course, it is not all block heels and stilettos, CZAR has a line for those who are in to flats. The state of the art Cork Shoes (CZAR PRISMA), for example, are first of its kind which makes them a stand-out for the confident woman. The corks are hand-stitched with a vintage wooden sole. Each pair has the standard CZAR suede inner-lining and gel in soles for maximum comfort. The optional hand-cut tassels also add to the color and personality quotient in the shoe. For the woman that likes to stand out in the crowd, CZAR offers a custom made-to-order service.


Source: Coffee Communications