Introducing BLACK AND BLANC – the world’s most prestigious Infinity Roses, inspired by interior design and fashion!

The quintessential flower of enchantment, roses have been the history's most eternally inspirational bloom. From music to poetry, dance and even war, the immaculate perfection of roses has earned its place in history as a symbolism of love, joy, courage and friendship worldwide. Whether roses are your way of expressing yourself to others or you simply like to decorate your home with modern and beautifully designed Parisian style bouquets, then we guarantee you’ll fall in love with BLACK AND BLANC!

BLACK AND BLANC is a premium brand that specialises in prestigious flower arrangements, that are inspired by the passion for floristry, interior design and well-known French fashion houses. BLACK as the first color in the color chart, and BLANC, the French word for white as the last color in the chart. BLACK AND BLANC intends to have black and white flowers and everything in between!

The brand started their operations in 2019 with Infinity roses, which are natural and real roses that have been innovatively preserved to maintain freshness for several years. The preserving process of the infinity roses ensures they maintain their texture and appearance, making them appear fresh, smell incredible and allow you to enjoy their wonderful qualities for years, not days. Not to mention that all infinity roses are elegantly packaged in luxurious boxes that will look magnificent next to your favourite coffee table books, compliment the interior design of your house and also work as the perfect gift to your family and friends to signify eternal love and friendship.

The Infinity Collection consists of real, everlasting roses which are available in four sizes and in more than 10 different colors. Infinity Arrangements consist of real, everlasting Ecuadorian and Colombian roses that are available in a wide color palette. At the time of their most beautiful flowering, they are carefully treated with a proprietary solution, which stops the growth of the rose in its most perfect state. The life span of these roses can last longer than one year if taken care of properly.

BLACK AND BLANC only use roses of the best possible quality. Carefully selected by experienced florists, each individual rose has been tested before processing to see if it meets high standards. Only then it is considered a "BLACK AND BLANC - Rose" and carefully preserved by experienced professionals. Also, they have recently started offering fresh flowers and dried flowers to cater for all tastes and requirements.

BLACK AND BLANC flowers are available for purchase from the website www. with local shipping all across the UAE and international shipping to all countries around the world. Not to mention that BLACK AND BLANC has a temporary pop-up at Galeries Lafayette as well.

Source: TishTash

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