Swedish beauty-tech powerhouse FOREO has reached yet another milestone as the skincare brand celebrates 8 years of being trailblazers in skincare innovation. Infamous for the range of “products that work so you don't have to” such as LUNA 3, UFO 2 and BEAR, if you haven’t heard the name by now - etch it into your mind because FOREO is not going anywhere! Just weeks before the big anniversary, FOREO also cemented its No. 1 position as the hottest skincare tool on the planet, with over a staggering 160,000,000 TikTok views after boasting Lookfantastic’s seal of approval as the best premium skincare devices brand globally,

FOREO has broken the beauty barrier since its launch in 2013 and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. With one FOREO device sold every 10 seconds, the brand has quickly become synonymous as “the ultimate skincare tool” with the infamous LUNA range alone selling over 20 million cleansing devices.

“When we launched in 2013, all we had was an amazing groundbreaking product on our hands and a dream. Turns out, that’s all you need to succeed. Today, FOREO is present in over 80 countries with 3000 powerful employees and recognized as a golden standard by 30 million customers worldwide and this is something truly worth lauding as FOREO celebrates its eight birthday.”, says Boris Trupcevic, FOREO CEO.

For 8 years, FOREO has been not just another beauty brand, but an innovation and technology powerhouse in the beauty world. The premium brand is best known for three hero products: LUNA 3, UFO 2 and BEAR, cute but powerful handheld devices that pack some serious punch delivering a full supercharged facial in only 6 minutes. Combined with UFO 2, an award-winning full turbocharged facial champion and BEAR, the microcurrent facial toning device, your skin is left looking youthful and radiant within minutes.

FOREO is spearheading all things future with livestream e-commerce being the future of retail, the Swedish beauty-tech powerhouse is embarking on yet another adventure taking its customers on a real live shopping experience, appropriately-named “SkinposiTVty”. The interactive experience will feature a series of broadcasts airing on FOREO’s social media channels every Friday all throughout the month of July. As a sweet birthday treat, FOREO is offering devoted customers special offers on foreo.com and social media giveaways. But that’s not all, FOREO will be taking you behind the scenes with real people behind FOREO, ranging from R&D experts to Customer Care superheroes, getting up close and personal about the brand that revolutionized the beauty industry forever.

With over 30 million products sold, FOREO beautified the faces and brought smiles to its customers, bringing out the true inner glow, helping people look and feel their best. In eight short years the company has gone from zero to picking up more than 225 awards globally, climbing the ladder to become the No. 1 most viewed skincare brand in the world. Who knows where this brand’s journey will take us and what the next few years will look like, but rest assured, with FOREO steering the wheel – it will take you beyond imagination!

Source: Coffee Communications

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