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Soap brows are all the rage right now, from Kim Kardashian to Huda Kattan, this technique is used to achieve feathered and full brows is popping up everywhere! After celebrities such as Lily Collins, Cara Delavigne and Emilia Clarke brought thick and bushy eyebrows back into popularity, beauty lovers have been growing their eyebrows and searching for new products and techniques to help nourish, shape and achieve the perfect “soap brow” look.

Although the pandemic taught us how to embrace our natural beauty, the zoom meetings and excessive screen time have left our skin feeling dull, dehydrated and lackluster. While it’s impossible to stop the signs of skin ageing completely, Mary Rose Lapira, the skincare expert from HydraFacial has the ultimate skincare guide to enhance your beauty regimen this new year including powerhouse treatments to try out and tips to leave you with an extra glow.

We all dream of healthy and glowing skin, but the only way to achieve this is through cleansing the skin effectively on a daily basis a. The market is saturated with cleansers that claim to transform your skin overnight, but when it comes to healthy skin, it all boils down to finding a cleanser that is best suited for your skin type, concerns and ensure that all traces of makeup and dirt have been eliminated.

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