Colors: Purple Color

For those residing in the Emirates for more than 4 years; you may already be familiar with the esteemed makeup artist to the stars, health coach and energy healer, Kate Goodwin. Founder of the prestigious Illumin8 Makeup Studio, Kate’s reputation truly precedes her and after a brief hiatus from the UAE after a life altering auto-immune diagnosis and serious accident, Kate has been on a life changing health journey, and is now back and ready to add a dose of beauty, health and spirituality to the women of the region.

There’s no denying that florals and spring go together like Mickey and Minnie. The most refreshing season ushers in a new beginning that is always welcome. This is why Ineza celebrates this season with a very special range entitled Time Flies. Ineza’s latest campaign focuses on snapshots of time that quantify the milestones we keep in our hearts all year round.

With shorter working hours and longer evenings to spend with friends and family just around the corner, it’s time to refresh your beauty, home and fashion wardrobe courtesy Lifestyle’s Ramadan 2021 Collection.  Whether you’re looking to elevate your home setting with a festive sparkle for those indulgent Iftars or looking to glam up with the latest beauty essentials and fashionable accessories; Lifestyle has curated a beautiful Ramadan edit that combines form and function in every piece.

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