At a time when balance, vitality and personal wellbeing has never been of greater importance, SENSASIA Spas has introduced a brand new programme of intravenous (IV) wellness therapies across its portfolio of award-winning UAE spas – to offer clients the much-loved brand’s most holistic healing experience to date.

Powered by the internationally-qualified team at Skin111 Clinic, SENSASIA has launched IV Drip Therapies & Wellness Infusions, which can be taken both independently or in unison with a wide variety of specially-selected complementary spa treatments.

Beginning with a simple but fundamental Oligoscan, conducted by a trained medical practitioner on the palm of the hand, clients will learn their body’s levels of key minerals, oxidative stress, toxic metals and more – before a bespoke IV Infusion is selected or created to replenish their unique deficiencies.

Each Skin111 IV Infusion is then administered within the serene sanctuary of SENSASIA Spas, with the option to add a wealth of SENSASIA’s results-driven massage, facial and body treatments – to create the ultimate in inside/outside wellness therapy.

Although all of the IV Drip Therapies & Wellness Infusions are built around individual analysis, SENSASIA has used its in-depth knowledge of the body, and ongoing devotion to health, wellness and healing to curate a series of combination treatments and packages, providing clients with the most effective and innovative spa experience of its 17-year history.

Examples of SENSASIA’s IV Drip Therapies & Wellness Infusions include The Power Trip – a turbo hit of anti-ageing antioxidants via IV Drip, combined with a Natura Bissé 3D Collagen Facial; Total Sculpt – a detox and weight loss-driven IV Drip, combined with Maderotherapy Anti-Cellulite wood massage; and Above All Clouds – an energy-boosting IV Drip, taken alongside a dreamy head, neck and shoulder massage.

Details of some of SENSASIA’s IV Drip Therapy & Wellness Infusion Packages are below, which are offered in addition to the standard Skin111 IV Infusion menu of individual treatments – available at select SENSASIA locations now.

SENSASIA’s IV Drip Therapies & Wellness Infusions

*All IV treatments require a client consultation prior to being administered

Above All Clouds

From AED 966

A quick and effective IV Infusion including vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and vitamin C for the perfect pick-me-up, coupled with a 45-minute head, neck and shoulder massage.

Way Past Midnight
From AED 1,336

An energy boosting, hydrating and electrolyte-packed IV Infusion, paired with SENSASIA’s ultra-popular The Recovery massage. The antidote to a late-night party or action-packed lifestyle.

Glow With It

From AED 1,986

The Ultimate IV Infusion – including glutathione, magnesium, vitamins C and B complex, plus high dosage trace minerals of zinc, copper, chromium, manganese and selenium – combined with a tailored Elemis or Natura Bissé facial, prescribed to skin needs.

The Power Trip
From AED 2,145

Our elixir of youth! A powerful hit of antioxidants selected for their ultra anti-ageing properties to support all systems, delivered via the NAD+ IV Infusion, paired with the Hollywood favourite Natura Bissé 3D Collagen Facial.

Source: Creative Noise