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Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA) has released the third edition of its first purposed journal “Museums in the MENA Region Journal” shedding  light on the digital experience of museums across the Middle East and North Africa.

Issued under the theme “Museums and the Digital Experience”, the publication is focused on the Authority’s and other museums quick response to the global Covid-19 pandemic by making the best of cyberspace through launching virtual galleries, seminars, and programs.

A group of museum professionals and specialists shared their best practices and experiences about overcoming the challenges they faced due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, while also looking at sustainable solutions to guarantee keeping their audiences engaged.

A wide variety of articles such as “Digitizing Museums: An Ambitious Emirati Vision”, “The National Foundation of Museums of Morocco”, and “Closed Circuit: Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Digital Experience from closure through Reopening.” discuss the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on artists and the art sector in the Arab World.

The journal which is available in Arabic and English,  also looks at the digital mark the authority has made by developing its online platforms and rolling out a number of exhibitions, workshops and collections online in order to remain present and to increase the number of virtual visitors.

All editions of the journal are available for download through the Authority’s website

Source: Elite Media