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like a fresh coat of paint can change the look and feel of a room, the way we use florals in our interiors can definitely have a positive effect on our mood. Flowers can make us feel joyful, excited, peaceful and reflective. Their beautiful colours and fragrances stimulate our senses and play with our emotions and can make any scene more vibrant and lively or calm and restorative.

So, whether you’re treating yourself to flowers as an act of self-care, or giving flowers to someone else to express appreciation, renowned luxury florist, Forever Rose London, is famous for its unique roses that are handcrafted from 100% natural Forever Roses that can last up to 3 years without water and sunlight. 

How flowers can help you feel relaxed and instantly boost your mood 

  • Reduce Stress: Opting for florals is a quick and easy way to help minimise stress. Having flowers or greenery can create a calming environment for when you come home after a long day of work. If you don’t have a ton of space, consider utilising vases with just one or two blooms each. Even the simplest of blooms can give you a boost! 

  • Aromatherapy: Flower scents can help reduce stress levels and alleviate low moods. Similar to the vibe you feel in a spa centre, the scent of flowers can help loosen your nerves creating a peaceful ambience at your work desk or in your bedroom.

  • Certain colours speak to different emotions: Different colours are representative of different moods and feelings. For example, red usually is associated with love, while yellow is associated with happiness. If you or a dear friend of yours is down and needs an immediate mood booster, consider a fresh yellow arrangement to brighten up their day. 

Source: Atteline