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Now in its 28th edition, Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is known for giving people from all walks of life and all parts of the world a chance to win life-changing prizes. 

This year, before the start of the Dubai Shopping Festival and throughout the 46-days of the festival, the ENOC Grand Raffle is giving 80 people the chance to win up to AED100,000 each in cash, with prizes worth AED3,500,000 in total up for grabs. To qualify for entry, simply spend as little as AED 25 at Zoom, AED 50 at autopro, or purchase select services at Tasjeel to get a raffle coupon. 

With 50 ENOC Grand Raffle prizes of AED10,000 having been given away before the start of DSF and 30 more worth a whopping AED100,000 each to be won during DSF which runs through to 29 January, we caught up with some of the lucky winners who shared stories of their wins, and let us know how they are planning to spend their prize money.

AED 100,000 WINNERS: 

John Ridge De Ala, from the Philippines: Making investments and giving to others 

John Ridge De Ala, a Dubai resident from the Philippines couldn’t quite believe his luck when he heard he was a winner. “I was in Deira fixing my car when I got the phone call from Mr Ali from DSF,” he said “I was so shocked, I felt like I was floating. It was so unbelievable.” 

“It was a gift from god, this prize is going to help me figure out and navigate my personal finances, ” he said. John also wants to make sure that his good future is shared with those he loves, and those less fortunate. “I want to send some money back home to my family in the Philippines. I also want to use this money to start making both short and long term investments. But most importantly, I want to use this money to give back to charities."

Jonathan Loyola from Philippines: Supporting his business passions 

Another winner from the Philippines who lives in Dubai is Jonathan Loyola. He too took some convincing of his good fortune. “I bought the coupon at an ENOC gas station near Global Village on 12 December. A few days later I received a call from someone named Hussein, and I just couldn't believe it. I truly didn't believe that I had won anything, and I thought it was a scam. It took me a while to comprehend, and I was also the first winner of the draw, I just felt so unbelievably lucky.”

Jonathan wants to ensure this money is used wisely, and delivers support over the long term. “This money will help me start a small business back home,” he told us. “I am going to buy a car first and create a profile on Grab as a driver to start with. I also want to finish building my house back home. I am very blessed to get an opportunity like this and to be able to finally financially support this life-long project of mine. I also want to send some money to my family to share my blessings and donate to at least three charities, two in the Philippines and one here in Dubai.”


Sara Al Kaake from Lebanon: Thinking of buying her own home 

“Honestly, I think I was in a state of shock when I got the phone call. I acted like nothing had happened and just continued on with my day, I couldn't wrap my head around it. This is my first time ever entering a raffle and what are the chances that I ended up winning? It's surreal.” These were the first thoughts of ENOC Grand Raffle prize winner Sara Al Kaake from Lebanon who lives in Dubai.

“I still don't know how I plan on using the prize but I am thinking about starting a downpayment for a house back home in Lebanon or consider investing in something,” she said. “Winning this made me realise that you really never know what your luck or god has in store for you.” 

Andrei Baluta from Romania: Investing in his son’s education 

Dubai resident Andrei Baluta from Romania, shared how he felt when he heard he’d won AED100,000. “We got the phone call very late in the evening, which made me really skeptical and I didnt believe that I had won anything. I started to believe it once they sent in all the documents and paperwork, from there I was in total shock and couldn't believe it.”

For Andrew, he knows exactly where he will invest his winnings. “I have a three-year-old son, and I plan to use all the money for his education and his future, to ensure he gets a great one,” he said.  

AED10,000 winners  

Andrew Mwebesa from Uganda: Supporting children's arts projects back home

Dubai resident Andrew Mwebesa, originally from Uganda, is using his winnings not just to support himself, but also to provide creative opportunities for children in his local community back home. Andrew said, “The money helped me out in many ways. I used some of it for my own personal finances and the remainder went to my community back home in Uganda. I am an artist, and have opened an arts centre to help out orphans in Uganda.” 

Sharing his winnings with his community came naturally to Andrew. “I believe in using art to motivate people, and when I received this money it brought me joy to give back to my community back home and help these kids out in any way that I can.”

And Andrew has big plans for the future too. “I wish to open an art gallery one day that will gather and help kids that have gone through any rough patches, to remind them that they too make a difference in the world. I want to use art as a tool to help children,” he said. 

Muhammad Arslan Ali Ghulam Sarwar from Pakistan: FIlled with Entrepreneurial Spirit 

Dubai is the city of dreams, and like many of the city’s residents, Muhammad Arslan Ali Ghulam Sarwar, a Pakistani national, dreams of business success and pursuing his own entrepreneurial path. Muhammed told us, “This prize has given me the opportunity to start my own business, which is something I have always wanted to do.” 

While Muhammad wanted to keep the specifics of his business plans quiet until they are fully formed, he was grateful for the chance the ENOC Grand Raffle had given him. “Thank you for this opportunity!” he said.  

Muhammad Jamil Ahmad from Pakistan: Providing for his young family  

Another Dubai resident, Muhammad Jamil Ahmed, a Pakistani national, is using his AED10,000 to provide opportunities and gifts for his young children and family. “I will be using the money to spend on my two children,” he told us, “One is 12 years old, and the other is only one year old.” 

As well as spending the winnings on his children, Munammed will also be sending money to his family so they can buy the things they need to make their daily lives more comfortable. “I will take this as an opportunity to send money to buy necessities for my family back home in Pakistan and send it to them,” said Muhammed. 

More chances to win throughout DSF 

Shop, win and be entertained with the 28th edition of Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) until 29 January 2023 with incredible deals, innovative events, world-class entertainment and life-changing prizes. Featuring the ultimate retail therapy from a wide range of homegrown and global brands as well as live concerts, outdoors markets, pop-up dining and more, this year’s DSF experience is not to be missed.

Check out www.mydsf.ae and @CelebrateDubai and @StyledbyDubai on social media channels for more details.