As a financial adviser for over 38 years with five published books about money management to his name, Tony Walker decided now is the time to focus on the next generation of adults, those who are still kids. That's why he created the character — a very real representation of his childhood and the fun he had — called Tony Balony.

It’s common for kiddos to feel uneasy about unfamiliar experiences — like doctor visits. But these fears can make a minor checkup seem like a major catastrophe. For doctorally prepared pediatric nurse practitioner Andrena Zeigler, helping children overcome their fears has been just as integral to her job as practicing medicine, prompting her to write her children’s book, But I’m Not Sick!

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is preparing a journey full of culture and knowledge for children participating in its winter camps taking place at Etihad Museum and Al Shindagha Museum. Children will be able to explore their abilities and talents by enjoying a set of unforgettable experiences, including interactive workshops, talks and other creative and heritage-rooted activities across two periods: from 12 to 16 December and from 19 to 23 December.

Hanadi Saleh Al Yafei, Director of the Child Safety Department (CSD), has emphasised that families and children’s joy of winter needs more attention to ensure the lovely season is safe and will offer fantastic family memories without any accidents or safety inconveniences, which adds more warmth and cohesion to the close relations between parents and children.