Family and Children
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Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is preparing a journey full of culture and knowledge for children participating in its winter camps taking place at Etihad Museum and Al Shindagha Museum. Children will be able to explore their abilities and talents by enjoying a set of unforgettable experiences, including interactive workshops, talks and other creative and heritage-rooted activities across two periods: from 12 to 16 December and from 19 to 23 December.

Dubai Culture is opening the doors of its winter camps to children in alignment with the ‘World’s Coolest Winter’ 2022 initiative held under the theme ‘Our Heritage’. The activities offered to the participants of the camps, will allow them to walk the paths of our country’s ancestors and discover the aspects of life and history of Dubai and the UAE to get connected to the national identity. This comes within the framework of Dubai Culture's commitment to invest in future generations by stimulating innovation, defining and preserving the richness of Emirati heritage, and enhancing its presence in the minds and souls of children.

Creative abilities

Muna Faisal Algurg, CEO of the Cultural & Heritage Sector at Dubai Culture, further confirmed the commitment of Dubai Culture in promoting the UAE’s cultural identity and ensuring future generations are connected to this rich heritage, saying: “Winter camps provide platforms for capability building for our youth, which falls within the mandate of Dubai Culture aimed at talent development within the culture sector.

Algurg added: “Winter camps with our museums play an important role in enhancing children’s connection with the Emirati heritage and history, and introducing them to its customs and traditions. They also help enable children to learn about the local heritage and its secrets and the importance of preserving and celebrating Emirati heritage as a source and inspiration for future generations.”

Algurg also affirmed that the winter camps in the museums provide children with an environment full of cultural entertainment that seeks to help them unleash their imagination through a range of activities and interactive workshops.

During the Young Adventurer’s winter camp hosted by Al Shindagha Museum under the theme ‘A Journey from the Land to the Sea,’ children will embark on a journey following the footsteps of their ancestors, opening their eyes to the methods of extracting pearls from oysters; they will also learn about the methods of making a ‘gargoor,’ which is used for fishing. The children will also take part in a wooden boat-making workshop - to learn the secrets of this craft, which is one of the oldest traditions in the country, and forms an integral part of the Emirati heritage. Children will also learn about the origins of local customs and traditions; learn about local animals such as the camels and falcons which are icon local symbols.

Cities of the Future

At Etihad Museum, children will discover the details of the national identity through their use of the museum’s inspiring spaces that recount the story of the country, its union, and the historic leaps it has achieved that put it at the forefront. They will also learn about the Emirati passport and its stages of development as well as designing cities of the future using creative methods. They will also discover features of Emirati life in the past and the stages that the country went through by visiting the historical buildings located in the museum’s outdoor garden.

The winter camps invite children aged 8 to 16 to take part in the activities supervised by a group of teachers, artists and specialists in developing skills to ensure that children get the experiences they need. They also come within the framework of Dubai Culture’s efforts in nurturing innovative and creative generations who are proud of their heritage and culture, which helps cement Dubai’s position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity and a thriving hub for talent.

Source: Cicero and Bernay