Family and Children
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As a financial adviser for over 38 years with five published books about money management to his name, Tony Walker decided now is the time to focus on the next generation of adults, those who are still kids. That's why he created the character — a very real representation of his childhood and the fun he had — called Tony Balony.

Walker’s first children’s book, The Adventures of Tony Balony and Cookie, is the story of a now grown adult by the name of Tony Walker, who as a child really did have a lot of fun growing up in the 1960s with his family and his dog named Cookie. The book includes funny stories, written in rhyme, and many life lessons for young children to live by. It is wholesome in its approach and fun to read as well.

The characters are relatable, and the setting in the 1960s is appealing to adults as they read this to their children and grandchildren.

The Adventures of Tony Balony and Cookie is beautifully illustrated, with colorful pages that are sure to capture the attention of young audiences.

Source: ASCOT Media