Sleeping is a learnt behaviour and parents should begin setting a sleep pattern for toddlers as young as six to eight weeks old for optimum developmental growth, advise experts. Understanding the need for proper sleep among toddlers and children, the British Orchard Nursery organised a ‘sleep therapy session’ to educate parents on importance of a full night, restful sleep in youngsters. The session highlighted the various ways to inculcate good sleeping habits to help parents overcome the common challenges and issues that they face. Parents were also given an opportunity to share their personal concerns and discuss their child’s sleep behaviour on one-on-one basis.

While Dubai is famous for its theme parks, Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) has been an important part of the entertainment and leisure industry in the region and continues to grow steadily. According to International Expo Consults, the organisers of the DEAL (Dubai Entertainment Amusement and Leisure) 2018 show, innovative products and new technology like Virtual Reality (VR) would play a huge role for FECs in the near future especially in Dubai.

Mediaquest, the company behind major regional events including the “Top CEO Conference and Awards” and “Arab Women Forum,” has announced the launch of the “Parent & Child Wellbeing Conference” in partnership with Baby Arabia, which will address the core issues and concerns of parenting in the digital era. The event will take place on April 28th, 2018 from 10am to 6pm at the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, Dubai.

Amina Hospital, Ajman, brought laughter and joy in the lives of two very happy couples as they await the birth of their babies. Winners of the raffle draw at the Hospital’s “Motherhood Carnival” held on Friday at Ajman Walk, the Syrian and Indian parents-to-be will now be entitled to the free Royal delivery packages at Amina Hospital worth thousands of dirhams.

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