Aspiring to support children around the world, RIF Trust, part of the Latitude Group, an international leading residency and citizenship by investment advisory partnered with Smile Train to launch their “Save Their Smiles” initiative. Through this positive initiative, RIF Trust will raise awareness and funds to support lifechanging cleft treatment for children with clefts. The company will further supplement each of their client’s donations to treat more children in need.

Celebrating the subject of the blended family and diversity is a great new book for kids that teaches them sensitive subjects like race and equality, which we know are permeating the airwaves and social media. Gold Mom’s Choice Award-winner and author Nadine Haruni is addressing these hot button issues with acceptance and understanding in Freeda the Frog & Her New Blue Family. Appropriate for ages 3 to 11 (pre-K to Grade 3), the book encourages children (and their parents) to be sensitive to people of all different racial, ethnic, religious and gender backgrounds—and to celebrate the blended family.  

Oral health is a prime indicator of your overall physical health and well-being of life. Even if you’ve been told you’ve got nice teeth, it’s important to take the right measures every day to look after them and avoid problems.

The Friends of Breastfeeding Association of the Health Promotion Department at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah held a virtual meeting to discuss the recommendations of the ‘foster mother’ project, including enhancing health awareness about the importance of breastfeeding, highlighting recommendations of the international health organizations in terms of the breast milk alternatives, and creating a ‘foster mother registry’ in cooperation with the competent health and government bodies.

It is very common for parents to face problems with their children refusing to sleep alone. It is a never-ending conflict between the parents’ requests and the child’s pleas to sleep in the parents’ room, which often leads to parents surrendering to their children.

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