Fashion and Beauty
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Del Core keeps exploring the natural realm as a place of fantasy wonders, looking for beauty that is not static. This season the underwater world is the theatre of new mutations and surprises. The images released to advertise FATHOM, the s/s 23 collection, are a visual embodiment of what happens as one dives into the vastness of the sea: perceptions that change, colours that mutate, life taking on other silhouettes.

Shot by Charlotte Wales and art directed by Lane & Associates, the pictures feature models Alex Consani and Rachel Marx surrounded by halos of colour and deep sea vegetation. The idea of Del Core inhabiting its own planet is brought underwater, while the immersion into the deep is rendered in abstract ways. The blue dominant and a subtle use of lights create a liquid feeling that highlights the flow of the dresses, the neat precision of the accessories.

Alex and Rachel bring to life the collection, its merging of urban landscape and fantasy world. The sleekness of the collarless tailored pantsuits, the liquidity of draped dresses with leather harnesses, the sculptural quality of gowns molding around the figure like frozen waves, and the intricately beaded textures like corals growing allover the body are all highlighted in physical, tangible ways. The marine ambiance brings out the real life urge of this unbridled fashion fantasy.

A feeling of surprise and sensuality comes through as gestures and scenes merge.

“Season after season my own personal planet, inhabited by glamorous creatures, keeps evolving. This season it goes underwater, in a campaign that, through simple yet striking visual effects, highlights the versatility of the collection, the very idea of catering both the dreamy and the metropolitan, the special and the everyday” says Daniel Del Core.

Source: The Qode