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If you’re a curly hair girl, then you’ll find this scenario relatable; walking into a room full of family, colleagues or even strangers, then the conversation changes and your curly hair is instantly a topic of conversation. You fold the pieces of yourself back to make yourself smaller, compensating for you hair. believes that you should never have to compensate who you are based on society’s idea of curly and natural hair and for this reason, the brand has made spreading awareness about self-acceptance and self-love a mission to help build a community of women who will wear their natural hair with pride. Taking care of your hair is in itself is considered a form of self-care and for this reason, it’s important to use products that will cause no harm to your hair in the long run and enhance its natural beauty.

Curlshop offers a wide range of cruelty-Free, vegan, natural and clean products which clearly reflects the vision of the brand: compassion, honesty and transparency. Curlshop is not about strict rules that are to be followed, but a change in the approach to hair and self-care. You matter and so does your hair. You deserve love and so does hair. Curlshop wants to provide the best and cleanest products for that purpose.

Here are 4 benefits of switching to natural hair products from, which will elevate your curly hair game and help you start your journey of self-acceptance, self-love and embrace your natural hair.

1-No harsh ingredients

This is an obvious benefit, as natural hair products are free from harsh chemicals that can strip the moisture out of your curls, change the texture of your hair and cause damage on the long run. Hence, using natural products is key for stronger, softer and healthier looking curls.

2- Less split ends and brittle hair

Many of the natural hair products on Curlshop contain deeply nourishing ingredients such as butters and oils that prevent split ends and brittle hair. In addition to other water-based ingredients such as aloe vera and glycerin to hydrate your curls, allowing them to feel soft and be full of life. Hence, switching to natural hair products can help repair your hair, reduce breakage and won’t leave your hair hanging high and dry.

3- Promotes more shine

Products with all-natural ingredients are formulated to bring out your hair’s natural shine that can last for days, mainly because it’s free from damaging alcohols which can leave your hair looking lackluster and eliminate shine. With that in mind, consistency is key and you would need to use natural products for at least a month to notice a difference in your hair.

4- Will help you ditch the heat!

There is no doubt that using heat can take its toll on your hair, as It dries your curls and promotes the formation of split ends and breakage. It can also take you a lot of time to recover and bring your curls back to life. Thus, switching to natural hair products like leave-in conditioners, styling creams and gels will help you achieve the desired result of more defined curls, healthier looking hair and ultimately ditching the damaging heat styling tools. You can also pair styling products with the cold air function in your hair dryer and use a diffuser to dry your hair safely. 

Source: TishTash

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