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Summer is in full swing now and everyone is loving it! Everything about this tropical weather is warm and fun. The season's colours are getting lighter and softer and we're seeing an outburst of cream's, yellow's, red's, and orange's, but if there’s one summer colour to let seep into your outfits, it’s blush pink! The dusty colour fits perfectly for a light summer look and will stand out amongst all other colours. Trust us when we say this is an essential that you need to add into your summer wardrobe.

Blush pink has different tones, play around until you find a tone that compliments your skin colour. A trick to do this quickly is to lay a shirt or dress on your shoulders under your face and look in a mirror at the store so you can see the color right up against you.

Can't find the right spot to flaunt your blush pink? Look no further as Saudi Arabia's timeless modern fashion house Leem, gives you the best start to wearing this new trend with an array of outfits that suit all tastes.

Head to the nearest Leem store and shop this new summer trend to stand out this season.

Source: Atteline