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Peonies, one of the most beautiful flowers, are easy to spot in an orchard of sweet-scented blossoms. The plush flower with velvety petals blooms perennially and has a mesmerizing characteristic that makes it to be everyone’s first choice. With Summertime being the prime time for its blossoming, we cannot wait to delight our senses with the presence of these stunning and long-awaited flowers. Dina Al-Malik, Marketing Manager at, UAE’s leading luxury online flower shop, reveals some interesting facts about peonies that you probably didn’t know, that add to its rarity,

  1. Peonies are all about Summertime-Gladness!

The large, vibrant flowers with lush foliage, bloom in the month of May and thrive till the end of June. In addition, the opulent florets make elegant cut flowers. Once placed in pretty vases, the buds work as a perfect flower arrangement that spruce up the space in an instant.

       2. An assortment to choose from- Peonies come in numerous types 

While there are thousands of varieties of peonies to pick your favourite from, peonies specifically are divided into three main categories- Herbaceous Peonies, Tree Peonies, and Itoh Peonies (an intersection between herbaceous and tree types). The shape of each floret is unique and ranges from delicate luscious bloom to lively, free-flowing ruffles. Furthermore, they are classified into different forms- Single, Japanese, Anemone, Semi-Double, Full Double, and Bombe, making each one of them distinctive and captivating. 

       3. The diverse colour palette of peonies

Another interesting detail about peonies is that you can find them in every colour except blue! While all the variety of peonies are gorgeous, eye-catching, and have a beautiful scent, it is believed that light pink and white peonies have intense perfume in contrast to the darker ones. If you wish to share this beautiful fragrance and your love with your close ones, head to and get your hands on the elegant flower arrangements from the peony section, exclusively curated for you.

        4. Peonies are a lucky charm for weddings and wealth

Besides being a popular choice to deck the space with fragrant blossoms for a stunning wedding ceremony, peonies are considered auspicious and fortunate for a happy marriage. An epitome of romance, love, and companionship, the beautiful bloom is deemed as the 12th wedding anniversary flower.

        5. Beauty with many benefits- Peonies can be used for multiple purposes

Being unable to sniff on your favourite fragrance once their season has passed can make you feel a bit gloomy. However, you can preserve the precious petals of the fleeting flower and play around with it in numerous ways. You can either use the dried petals to prepare tiny potpourri pockets or add them to your bath salts or essential oil concoction to preserve its beauty and unwind your day with its pleasant aroma. You can also garnish fresh crunchy salads with the edible flower, infuse it in sweet syrups to add to cocktails or swirl it in ice cream for a peony punch.

        6. The name ‘Peony’ originates from Greek mythology

The tale trots back to the time of Greek mythology, and revolves around Paeon (also spelled Paean), a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. It is believed that Paeon, also known as the healer of the Gods, used a peony to treat the wound of Zeus, which in turn made his teacher, Asclepius, extremely jealous of his pupil. To save Paeon from the fury and vicious plan of Asclepius to kill him, Zeus transformed Paeon into a beautiful floret of peony.

       7. More than just beauty- peonies have healing properties!

Besides rejuvenating the olfactory senses, the flower extends its aroma in the medicinal field as well. The roots of peonies are commonly used as a remedy, particularly in traditional Chinese medical practice. It is known to block chemicals that cause pain and swelling, prevent clotting of blood, and act as an antioxidant. White peonies are known to reduce hyperpigmentation on the skin and alleviate menstrual cramps.

Source: The Qode