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With rising temperatures this summer, it could be difficult to dress up for certain occasions and not feel overwhelmed by the heat. Kaftans are a perfect addition to any outfit and an essential summer wardrobe update. With comfortable material and adaptability to any kind of body shape, kaftans add elegance to your wardrobe. They are one of the most versatile pieces any woman can have. These fun, lightweight dresses can be styled in myriad ways meaning that if you have a kaftan then you’ll have an outfit for every occasion.

Available in a number of designs, colours and versatile fabrics, Leem, Saudi Arabia's timeless modern fashion house, gives you the best start to wearing this popular trend with an array of kaftan designs that suit all tastes. 

Different ways to style a kaftan 

Kaftans come in both midi as well as long versions. If you want to get dressed for a day at the office, then choose a medium-length printed kaftan, and team it up with a pair of leggings to complete your look. For any casual outing, you can wear a short kaftan with a pair of slim-fit jeans or shorts. And, if you want to wear kaftan to your friend’s or  family member’s wedding, then go for a long one.

Wear nude heels on a kaftan that is heavily printed to complete the look. You can also opt for plain wedges to go with this attire. Moreover, combining the kaftan with sandals and sunglasses will give an ultra boho-chic look. This is a casual combination that you can wear to summer gatherings.

If the kaftan already has embellishments, it’s better to avoid wearing heavy jewellery that might make a loud statement, such as long necklaces or earrings. Instead, a chic watch, ring, belt or small pearl earrings that look great regardless of the occasion, are safe and stylish choices. On the other hand, if your kaftan is rather plain with no fancy prints, you can upgrade your look with a sleek necklace and/or a subtle bracelet.

Source: Atteline