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The onset of the summer season is a great time to add a touch of nature into your home and also play around with new ideas and trends. There are many easy ways to welcome summer into your home. Plants, bright colours, and textiles can all add a pop of colour to any space. 

Before you know it, the summer season will disappear in a flash, much before the popsicles are made, the garden is planted and the beach picnics are planned. Is there a way to keep that summer loving feeling from vanishing? Leading furnishing brand DWELL offers home decor and accessories to transform your home into an oasis of sunshine, sandy shores, sparkling nights and jungle fever. 

Bringing a sensation of warmth into your home

  • Lighten Up The Accessories: One quick way to make a room feel lighter and brighter is to take away the excess. Put away the extra load cluttering shelves, store the piles of books by your bedside, and instantly lighten the decor in every room.. Give your room some room to breathe.

  • Add in seasonal accents: You don't need to go overboard with decorating. Sometimes a few well-placed accessories can convey that seasonal feeling you're hoping for. A summery pillow can brighten up a dark corner. Collect a few books with watery blue spines and pair with white and blue vases and accents for a breezy vignette. 

  • Bring in greenery: Sometimes, summer is just a plant away. Plants and flowers are abundant at this time of year so there's no excuse to bring one home. On the other hand opt for the faux variety which will bring vibrancy to your home all season long.

Source: Atteline