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RAKxa, an integrative wellness and medical retreat in the Thai capital, has recently launched a holistic 3-step TTM (Traditional Thai Women’s Care) treatment focusing exclusively on women’s health. The retreat’s latest program is time-tested and based on highly effective Thai herbal medicine. The treatment is proven to revitalize the natural health of women in their 30s ,  after postpartum and other hormonal changes begin to alter their appearance, mood, and physical characteristics.

A unique blend of modern science, conventional cures, and time-honored natural remedies, the TTM treatment at RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat is perfect for women in their thirties, going through postpartum, and those who want to revitalize and reinvigorate their body, mind, and senses. TTM treatments tap into the expertise of traditional Thai medicine doctors and are deeply relaxing and ensure deep restoration of health.

Lasting anywhere between 80 and 110 minutes, a typical TTM treatment session comprises 3comprises of 3 steps including Traditional Thai Hot Seat Medicated Charcoal Therapy (Nung-Tan), Traditional Thai Salt Pot Therapy, and Traditional Thai Women’s Care Massage (Uterine Massage). All these stages, along with a series of personalized and complementary treatments based on individual health conditions, enhance blood flow and mood while balancing the female hormones.

Traditional Thai Hot Seat Medicated Charcoal Therapy (Nung-Tan)

This hot herbal therapy routine aims to alleviate perineal inflammation for postpartum mothers by restoring the fire element and balance in the body after childbirth. It also helps to tighten the uterus, return it to its proper position, and eliminate amniotic fluid. Furthermore, the process is great for relieving menstrual cramps, vaginal discharge, urinary incontinence, and haemorrhoids.

Traditional Thai Salt Pot Therapy

This long-practiced ritual combines ancient Thai massage techniques with hot salt pot compresses to relieve abdominal strain and muscle tension in the lower back and thighs. Each compress includes a blend of coarse salt and medical herbs. The special technique includes placing a warm pot onto the body’s energy points with different pressures applied. It is then passed over the whole body or just the problem areas. In either case, this procedure is excellent for treating menstrual discomfort.

Traditional Thai Women’s Care Massage (Uterine Massage)

The Traditional Thai Women’s Care Massage, or Uterine Massage, is a natural health revitalization technique. A well-known traditional science in the East, it specifically focuses on women’s uterine health by regulating the blood flow of the entire body. To do that, the masseuse expertly presses key areas on the energy line and the nerve points on the abdomen. This strengthens the inside of the womb while also relieving menstrual cramps. The result is better mood and significant relief from hormone-induced stress/pain. Ultimately, the process enables women to achieve optimal health and wellness levels while positively impacting their mood.

A Cross Between Modern Science & Traditional Herbal Medicine

RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat has forged its identity by delivering top-notch wellness solutions rooted in a combination of modern science, traditional herbal cures, and natural health restoration. The following personalized treatments are based on this well-rounded approach.

Hormone Panel Screening

Hormonal screening examines hormone levels that are out of balance. When that is the case, the well-qualified and experienced doctors at RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat can recommend a lifestyle change, supplementation, or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to restore recover hormonal balance. Bioidentical hormone replacement utilizes medically engineered hormones that are very similar to the ones produced by the human body.

Antioxidant Boost IV (60 Minutes) 

This formula provides antioxidants directly through blood circulation. The antioxidant boost IV is a fast and effective way to supply vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to the cells. It also reduces inflammation, invigorates the body, and boosts energy levels. Moreover, the procedure helps promote micronutrients in the body. They are vital for general health and can facilitate liver detoxification through Tripeptides.

Tesla Former  

The latest generation of body-forming Tesla Former utilizes magnetic energy to build up muscles in a non-invasive manner. Another positive of this treatment is that there is no downtime. It can target any area of the body as required by an individual, including arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and the pelvic muscles. Like exercising, TESLA Former triggers motoric nerves and excites muscle contraction. This gives the feeling of highly intensive exercise, resulting in a well-toned body. 

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