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The world of literature is abundant and grand, transformative and universal. Throughout the years, Maison Valentino has committed to words by illuminating impactful texts and the people who write them. For the Valentino Pink PP Fall/Winter 2022-23, Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli continues this conversation, studying the poetics of color and highlighting words by author Douglas Coupland.

For the Maison, literature incites curiosity, which leads to creativity. From season to season, the brand has welcomed the written word, embroidering stanzas onto sleeves and publishing books of poetry to encapsulate a collection. For Valentino The Narratives - the Maison’s text-only campaign and the first within the industry - stories become the center stage to evoke emotion and create community.

Now, for his Valentino Pink PP Collection, Creative Director looks to the poetry of color to narrate a story. Like a writer who insists on a word again and again, Pierpaolo Piccioli delivers a repetitive dose of his vibrant pink hue. The color, like a pivotal turn of phrase, is not to be missed, yet open to interpretation. As indulgent materials blend into a monochrome palette, the collection feels tied to the romanticism of literature, its fluidity like a string of well-placed words.

To deepen the narrative, the Maison has also introduced a capsule featuring words by author Douglas Coupland. Atop sweatshirts and tees in both black and Pink PP, thought-provoking suggestions from the Valentino The Narratives contributor make us sit back and reflect, challenging the status quo. Printed tone-on-tone, the author’s four messages range from “I miss my pre-Internet brain” to “We all have secret messages hidden within us,” offering both profound meaning and cultural insight. Designed as a limited edition, each piece is a collector’s item and an indelible part of the Maison’s commitment to the written word.


Source: The Qode