Transforming the way people buy eyewear in the region, Adasat is the leading e-commerce platform offering premium and high-quality eyewear in the UAE. Capturing fashion-forward, global trends to introduce exclusive styles, superior finish, and designer brands, Adasat prides itself in its wide range of contact lens offerings, both medical and coloured, alongside sunglasses and frames.

If you’re into trying different skincare treatments, chances are you’ve heard about Dermaplaning and wondering about its benefits for the skin. It’s currently one of the most popular facial treatments around, using a surgical blade your therapist will gently scrape the outer layer of your skin removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz. The results are too good-to-be true and it’s one of the most effective solutions for dealing with dull lifeless skin and best of all the results are instant!

Year 2021 marks a rebirth, around the world, as creativity and the eternal human drive for survival find their voices once again. Behind the scenes, nonetheless, diseases such as breast cancer remain a challenge, drawing on the efforts of the medical community as well as sparking numerous campaigns to ensure that the subject remains in the public eye.

One of the fastest growing segments since 2020, sleepwear is no longer just for cozy nights and a blissful sleep. Annabelle, a key pioneer responsible for redefining this nightwear segment in the Middle East since 2011 offers on-trend pieces for ladies and kids that can be worn round the clock, to a meeting as well as to bed.

Kinzzi is a newly launched Dubai-based online lifestyle platform offering a unique compilation of hidden gems sourced from around the world. Kinzzi, which is derived from the Arabic word meaning “my treasure”, aims to curate an eclectic mix of fashion, art and home décor made by independent brands from locations far and wide.