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Bab Al Mansour, Dubai’s trendiest restaurant specializing in Moroccan cuisine, has officially opened on 19th December. Mr. Mohamed Ait Ouali, Moroccan Ambassador in UAE alongside Mr. Abderrahim Rahhaly, Consul General of Morocco in UAE, Chef Choumicha, Global Catering Services’ senior management, and many other celebrities inaugurated the opening of the Moroccan wonder located on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard in downtown Dubai, opposite the Dubai Opera. Organically grown food imported from Moroccan farms is complemented by the array of authentic recipes and an exquisite interior design featuring high ceilings, vibrant lighting, white and gold embellishments that create an unmatched royal dining experience.

“We are proud to welcome UAE residents and visitors to experience authentic Moroccan cuisine presented by our celebrity chef Choumicha. We worked hard towards identifying the best location for this culinary gem as well as designing our beautiful interior that allows our guests to feel like they are dining at the royal court of Meknes. Since its soft opening on 29th November 2018, the restaurant has become one of the busiest spots in Dubai where friends and families gather to enjoy flavorsome Moroccan cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Bab Al Mansour is the place where food speaks Moroccan”, comments Mr. Rabih Daher, CEO of the Global Catering Services.

 Bab Al Mansour’s heritage and magnificence are created in reflection of its namesake, the Arab world’s most significant historical landmark built in the city of Meknes. Just as the structure has withstood the tests of time by maintaining its original design since its construction during the time of Sultan Moulay Abdullah in 1732; the food at Bab Al Mansour maintains the use of traditional recipes using over 70 organic Moroccan-sourced ingredients.

The restaurant is unique due to the diversity of its dishes and its Moroccan-style cooking methods. Guests will enjoy famous Moroccan dishes such as couscous, tagines, rfisa and tanjia with the sumptuous variety of flavors and spices. Such traditional Moroccan delicacies as braised beef tongue, chicken pastille and beef brain marinated and cooked with tomato sauce will satisfy sophisticated palate of any food lovers.

Gourmands and foodies from any part of the world will enjoy a sumptuous variety of meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. All the food is prepared in accordance with the old Moroccan cooking styles using traditional spices and cooking techniques.

Every single item on the restaurant’s menu is supervised and designed by the world-renowned Moroccan chef Choumicha. Bab Al Mansour’s mouthwatering creations often include almonds or other nuts, fruits like apples, pears, dried plums, dried figs, and raisins. Moroccan cuisine is also known for using olive oil and different spices for each dish, in addition to argan oil, preserved lemons, and olives. The restaurant’s true objective is to accentuate the unique ingredients and flavors of Moroccan cuisine leaving dinners dazed with their royal feast experience.

Picture perfect, the restaurant was designed in accordance with the highest standards of quality and sophistication, a stand out within the most elegant and expensive kilometer in the world located in Downtown Dubai. Evoking the beauty of the Islamic arts in both design and decoration, its large doors and décor were designed specifically for the restaurant, crafted by Moroccan artists.  Accommodating up to 260 diners, the exquisite dining spot will transport its visitors into 14th century Marinid dynasty royal dining atmosphere influenced by colorful mosaic interior crafted by Moroccan artisans.


Source: Wjh media