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Located under the mesmerising dome of Louvre Abu Dhabi, Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for art lovers and food connoisseurs to unite and appreciate the beauty of traditional French cuisine.

Inspired by the lively and vibrant spirit of the brasseries of Paris, Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi oozes European charm and charisma, whilst specialising in premium quality, delicious French dishes, served with a subtle contemporary twist.

Now, with the arrival of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s new exhibition, ‘Stories of Paper’, expert Executive Chef Balveer Balkissoon has come up with a new and exciting way for guests to accentuate and enhance their visit to the cultural hotspot.

Inviting guests to taste, savour and fully immerse themselves in the important role that paper has played throughout history and in the creation of art, Chef Balveer is delighted to present his carefully curated ‘Stories of Paper’ menu.

Crafted using fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients, the wholesome three-course set menu takes guests on a journey through the development of paper and how the material can be represented and symbolised through food.

Starting the journey in elegant and sophisticated style, the appetiser features green asparagus with lemon whipped cream, puffed black rice leaf and blood orange reduction, while the sumptuous main stars an irresistible, hand prepared pigeon pastilla, wrapped in lighter-than-air filo sheets, served with vibrant spring vegetables and a delicious pigeon jus. In tribute to the mesmerising exhibition at Louvre Abu Dhabi, which examines the rich artistic legacy of paper, the pristine thin golden crust of each pastilla is topped with a delicate sheet of edible rice paper, adorned with the iconic logo of the world-famous museum.

Finally, the decadent culinary and artistic experience is included with a serving of Fouquet’s signature vanilla millefeuille. Fusing thick, creamy and beautifully aromatic vanilla custard with layers of perfect, almost paper-thin golden pastry, it provides a symbolic and memorable conclusion to the culinary voyage.                   

As one of humanity’s most humble yet versatile inventions, both the exhibition and Chef Balveer’s distinguished menu explore how paper has been used from the first century to the present, and across ancient Asia, Europe and contemporary Arabia.

The delicious three-course ‘Stories of Paper’ menu at Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi is available to enjoy until July 24, 2022, priced AED 290 per person.


Source: Cosmopole Consultancy