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The weather isn’t the only thing getting warmer this summer as this is also the season to spark a new summer romance. With temperatures going on the rise, more couples are opting for date nights in. This is why homegrown pasta guru, Go! Pasta, has just launched exclusive date night combos that will definitely spice up your night.

Picture this – your appetizers, main course, dessert , a chic gingham placemats  and entertainment for the night, only a click away. Go! Pasta’s new launches include three different combos, First Date, Hot Date and Blind Date combos. 

To keep things interesting, all combos include an exciting activity to keep the conversation flowing. The Blind Date Combo for example does not specify what dishes you get, you’ll just have to wait and see! To add a fun twist, the combo comes with a blindfold that you and your partner can use to guess the unknown dish. The First Date Combo and Hot Date Combo come with different customized quiz cards to shake things up a bit and to help you get to know your partner a little better. 

Couples can get their pick of appetizers and main courses from a plethora of delicious dishes ranging from Garlic Bread, Mozzarella Fritta Balls and Mushroom Risotto to Arrabbiata Rigatoni, Truffle Papa Alfredo, Pesto Pasta, and Gnocchi Sundried Tomato, to name a few. Customers will be transported to the salient romantic streets of Italy through every bite.  

Prepare to blow your partner’s mind away and order the most convenient combos now through Deliveroo starting at AED 100. . 

Source: Coffee Communications