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UAE’s popular homegrown beach resort, Banan Beach, the perfect getaway that will transport you to the streets of Greece is all set to host the world’s first-ever Palestinian Brunch this month on Saturday, 28th January from 12 Noon- 4.30 PM.

The brunch taking place at their pool area called The Human Club is open to adults only and will offer live cooking and buffet style serving a wide range of authentic dishes from Palestine such as Bamiya/Okra, Mojadara, Maqloubeh, Mosakhan, Maftol, Kafta tahini, Makshi/kusa bin Laban, Malfuf/ waraanap, along with live DJ setting the party mood with the latest house, international and some Arabic numbers for the party.

The venue is known for its super instagrammable, laid-back beach town vibe and offers a great weekend outing with your loved ones to enjoy the glorious UAE weather months.

Located at Al Hamra just an hour's drive from Dubai, Banan Beach is inspired by both UAE and Palestine and is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and makes you feel you are outside UAE without the added hassle and high costs of travel, visas etc. Banan offers different accommodation options suitable for single, double, and large groups and families from single tents, lofts, chalets with a Jacuzzi and plenty of pools, bars, and restaurants, plus a self-cooking barbecue spot too with a massive private beach. The property is also pet-friendly and welcomes fur babies of all kinds.

Banan Beach is named after its Founder Banan Abdalla,  a Palestinian/ Canadian entrepreneur who is very passionate about sharing his homeland roots, traditions, and culture with the rest of the world. By organizing the brunch, this is Mr. Abdalla another way to share the name of Palestine by letting all nationalities experience the Palestinian food at the brunch. The brunch is named after the 1,100-year-old Olive Tree a staple at Banan Beach and many Palestinian households.  

Banan, the founder has made sure that the property he built, is in the most sustainable way possible hence all furniture, fixtures, doors, windows, and decorations for the villas and tents, are handmade by the Banan Beach team using recycled, locally sourced, and biodegradable materials.

Source: White Label Media