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Jameel and Lameez, the couple who won the #365DaysinParadise Contest by Kandima Maldives, are at the resort for their 1 year all paid holiday! They must not have even imagined that they would be at the safest haven for an entire year! Well, Kandima designed the best travel contest on the planet and is now fulfilling its promise of hosting the winner for 1 whole year. The brand has yet again followed its ethos of consistently being the leader in K’innovation, taken a huge step in these times to rebuild faith in travel and become an inspiration in the global travel community.

Kandima has made the couple feel at home by welcoming them with the best-in-class stay experience, service and some of the koolest activities to choose from. Both Jameel and Lameez have set a great example for others who aspire to one day be able to work remotely from anywhere in the world, even the most gorgeous private island paradise such as Kandima Maldives. The resort has created an environment for them to be able to mix work with leisure. Impossible is made possible by Kandima, be it the oh-so-talented chefs who ensure that every meal is prepared as per their taste and preferences, or even setting up an amazing birthday surprise for Lameez underneath the starry sky. Work-life balance has never been easier! Their journey as a couple is going great and they have taken the leap to redefine their dreams while spending every moment together.

The oh-so-kool and stylish resort charmed Jameel and Lameez from the moment they arrived! They’ve been spending their time exploring the hidden gems in and around the island, staying active by hitting the gym or playing tennis, walking or bicycling around the 3km long island stretch, snorkelling in the open sea and exploring the colourful reefs, practicing wellness, even indulging in exciting activities like learning how to dive, and are planning to go skydiving over the crystal blue waters. One of their favourite spots is the Kakuni point, a sand patch located at the end of the island, where they enjoy taking iconic couple shots with stunning views. Kandima is truly a place where boredom does not exist! The couple can’t seem to get enough of their underwater explorations of surreal reefs and ecosystem, it the best place to snorkel every day! They also take painting lessons at the Kula Art Studio and love spending their evenings dancing their heart out at the adults-only Forbidden Bar or dining at their pick of the 10 world-class restaurants at the resort.

Kandima makes the couple feel like they are at their own home away from home, including a mosque on the island for them to be able to practice their beliefs each day. Jameel excitedly shares his thoughts on their experience so far, “If someone told us a year ago, we’d be living on an island for a whole year fully hosted, that too in the Maldives, we’d honestly think they are crazy! Kandima Maldives has made every person’s biggest dream a possibility, only Kandima could do this! We had always heard holiday gifts of 4 to 5 nights but never a year, this truly requires guts! That just goes to show how much pride and care they put into treating their guests with the best hospitality standards in the industry. This place holds such a special spot in our hearts and we’ll definitely be returning with our families and our stories would pass down for generations to come!”

Utmost safety at Kandima has always been taken seriously ensuring all guests are completely stress-free while having the time of their lives, including the couple. The resort has a fully functional safety K’OnGuard program which ensures the best sanitisation practices. The Medical Klinic at Kandima is also fully-equipped with the best doctors and even dentists on board, as well as state-of-the-art medical technology.

Source: MSL Group