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Summer might be over, but 7 Management is turning up the heat this winter. Brace yourself for the debut of the social venue Sayf Dubai, a singularly stylish winter party destination above and beyond anything you've ever experienced before, flying in straight from Beirut to Festival City (Festival Bay) of glorious Dubai.

Born in Beirut, Sayf is a seasonal pop-up phenomenon that only manifests during the cooler winter months in Dubai. With an outdoor setting, intricate modern neon décor, a glowing atmosphere, and festive vibes, Sayf is the unrivaled destination for those seeking a more unique and refined venue permeated with an exuberant quality.

Sayf, which means Summer in Arabic, affords an entirely novel new meaning to “Summer is the new Winter” as the go-to destination for guests, celebrities and tourists who appreciate not only extraordinary cocktails, and nights of unparalleled fun, but also upscale surroundings and world class entertainment.

This wild, vibrant landscape is a break from the routine. From hot air balloons to glowing neon lights, Sayf will take you on the journey of a lifetime. Have a drink or three as you join in on this over-the-top spectacle

Sayf offers an exceptional experience with unforgettable flavors within a magnificent setting. Expect to be tantalized by a variety of cocktails that have been skillfully designed by top mixologists to give you a taste like no other.

But what’s a party without artists? Sayf raises the bar with superb performances by magnificent dancers as well as your favorite Lebanese and Arab singers presenting the hottest hits and tunes that will thrill all week long!

If you handle the adrenalin, Sayf Dubai’s colorful extravaganza is the ultimate night out. Step in, step it up, and embrace the rapture the Sayf way!

Source: K Consultancy