Moscow kicks off the signature festive season event Journey to Christmas, which incorporates festive magical places, must-see dynamic destinations, decorations, lighting, traditional winter sports activities, and meeting Father Frost and Snegurochka, or the Snow Maiden. The festival will last until January 8.

It's time for twinkly lights, which announce the Christmas season and the time of good cheer. It's time to pop the champagne and drink a toast to the New Year. In Slovenia, we have already started celebrating, as Slovenia has been named one of the Top 25 destination in the world by the renowned National Geographic! What could be a better way to start the most sparkling season of the year

Treat yourself to a memorable helicopter ride and watch the beautiful city of London from above, or dine at the Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen with 3 Michelin stars under its belt and a fantastic pavilion location in Champs-Élysées gardens. You can also choose to “Fly” underwater in a personal submarine to explore the Maldives' UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. All this and much more awaits your delight with RoyalJet’s premium charters.

Brazil is recognized for its wildlife and is a hotspot for ecotourism. Brazil has an astonishing diversity of eco-tourist attractions within its vast borders, including various ecosystems, enormous wilderness regions, breathtaking landscapes, a massive and well-organized national park protection system, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes. Best of all, Brazil is known for their unique animal species, that are so rare and not to be found anywhere else in the world like the Pink Dolphin.

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